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How can I start my first online store?

Sign up with Cartyogi to start your first successful online store

What do I need to start my online store with Cartyogi?

Creating an online store with Cartyogi is easy- all you need is an email address or phone number. Once you've registered, we'll walk you through the steps of setting up your store and adding your product

How long is Cartyogi free trial period?

The duration of the trial period is 14 days from the date of registering at Cartyogi.

Will I loose my data after the trial period at Cartyogi?

Your store data will be present in our Cloud, but you cannot access the data until you subscribe to our plan.

I want to change my password for the Cartyogi store, is it possible?

Yes, you can change your password for the Cartyogi store on any point of trial or subscription.

Can I Change my email id, after the trial period?

Absolutely, store owners can change their email id of their store and personalise it.

I forgot the password for the online store. How can I retrieve my store?

Yes, password retrieval is available at Cartyogi. Click forget password and Cartyogi will send a link to your mail. Click the link and reset the password.

What information should I input while opening a store?

The general information regarding the business, communication address, industry and email address.

What do you need to start an Online store?

Anyone with a smartphone or laptop can open and operate an online store.

Can I choose a domain name for my online store?

Yes, Cartyogi has the previledge to register your preferred domainname in the portal.

How to add products in your online store?

Adding your first produt to the online store can be daunting. But, it is relatively simple. First select the category, enter and save the details. Now add your product in the Products page.

How to Add Categories to my online store?

Under Category Add new category, add your category details, image and select the language.

Is there any option to add bulk product details in Cartyogi?

Bulk category upload is possible, where customers can add all the categories in an excel template and upload by the click of a button.

what are the selling options available in Cartyogi?

Store owners can sell their products in retail and wholesale.

How many product variances are available for each product?

There is no limit for adding product variance for each product or category.

What are the risks associated with starting an online store with Cartyogi?

Cartyogi offers a user-friendly, simple online store to any business. It is a risk-free online store with no credit card requirement. Start your online store within 10 minutes using Cartyogi

I am running a food stall with no proper address. How can I upgrade to online store?

Cartyogi requires your Aadhar number and PAN card for starting your online store. Try 14 days free trial offer from Cartyogi to know its benefits

Which industries are applicable for starting an online store ?

Online store or E-commerce industry is applicable for all types of industries. There are no boundries for online stores. Manufacturing sector, raw materials sector, service industries, information service and human services industry can start their own online store at Cartyogi.

What are the documents required for starting my first online store?

Cartyogi requires your Aadhar number and PAN card for starting your online store. Try 14 days free trial offer from Cartyogi to know its benefits

Are GST features added in the online store?

Yes, however the GST needs to be added to each product, manually as it varies from product to product.

Where are the products added displayed in the store?

The products added in the control panel are visible in the store with all the inputs provided by the administrator.

What are displayed in the Header of the web store?

Store owners may decide the header content of the online store. Promotional events, seasonal offers, New products and special discounts are displayed at the header section.

How will a customer log in to my online store?

Customers can login using their mobile number. On entering their mobile number, an OTP is sent . By entering the OTP, customers can enjoy shopping in your online store.

Is my password protected in the online store?

Cartyogi has made OTP login compulsory for every login. So your online purchases are safe and well protected.

How to add delivery address in the online store?

Click the edit profile near the login button on the top right corner and enter your address in the specified columns.









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